Skandinaviska Glassystem


The aim of the Distance façade concept is to create
a light, airy and transparent look for façades and
roofs. this look can be achieved by distancing the
outer layer of façade from the supporting structure.
Skandinaviska Glassystem aB has made successful
use of this concept in several projects. We will de-
scribe some of these products and systems below.


“SG Light” is a distanced glass system under
the concept “SG2000 Distance”.

SG Light is, as the name suggests, a system with
a light impression. the idea behind SG Light is to
invisibly secure the glass to the supporting structure
using a clip, and to create a distance between the
structure and the glass by means of an arm. the
number of mountings/arms depends on the load on
the glass. the length of the arms and the distance
between the glass and the framework can vary, but
it is normally 100-250mm. the weight of the glass is
absorbed by a small bracket or a stronger arm at the
bottom corners of the pane. the system is relatively
accommodating to deviations, as it is fairly easy to
make adjustments in all three dimensions. this opens
up the possibility of building a new SG Light façade
on an existing steel or wooden structure without
needing to straighten or adjust it.

the SG Light system is often used in shops, winter
gardens, atriums, roofs, lobbies, public buildings and
in complex geometrical structures such as double-
curved façades. the Light system can be applied to
frames made of steel, aluminium, wood or glass.

contact our architect Support for further informa-
tion and prices. also read about other systems in the
Distance concept.


”SG Distanced Link” is a distanced glass sys-
tem under the concept ” SG2000 Distance”.

Link is the name of one of SG’s profiles for support-
ing glass. it can be fixed to most supporting materi-
als, but can also be distanced, when it has other
architectural properties.

a unique variant of Distanced Link was specially
produced for constructing the entrances to trian-
geln railway station in Malmö. these entrances were
part of the citytunnel project that ended in 2010.
the challenge of this project was to create a self-
supporting structure for the complex geometry that
was to form the vaulted asymmetrical cupola roofs. a
new system was created for this, consisting of stain-
less steel braces linked together in nodes. a triangu-
lar pattern is created between the nodes, and this in
turn creates the cupola shape.

the glass covering the cupolas is cut into triangles
that fill the openings in the underlying steel frame
and lie distanced about 150mm. this is done using
an elevated plate at the centre of all nodes and a
distanced profile system (Distanced Link), which in
turn allows the glass to be mounted.
a further challenge for the project was to develop
Distanced Link for a single-glazed system with a con-
cealed mounting that could also cope with movements
and angle changes. this was solved with a further
development of Distanced Link and specially-made
glass with a bonded mounting rail along the edges.


”SG Point fix” is a distanced glass system under
the concept ” SG2000 Distance”.

Point Fix is a traditional system for distancing single-
glazing panes from a supporting structure. it is used,
among other things, for windbreaks, car parks, screen
walls and rails and roofs.
Point fix fittings can also form part of a complex system
such as double-glazed façades and hybrid façades,
and also part of unique single-glazed systems.